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Multifunctional Thermometer

use of a thermometer BYXAS Dynamic Thermometer T-108

Abstract: BYXAS Dynamic Thermometer T-108, Multifunctional Thermometer

BYXAS Dynamic Thermometer T-108


Product Type: Wearable device

Operational mode: 24 hours continuously

Bluetooth mode: Bluetooth 4.0

Dimension: 46*46*6.7mm

Switch: Touch switch

Operation conditions: (Temperature and humidity) 5 ~ 55℃, ≤95% RH

Measurement Range: 33~43 ℃

Accuracy: ±0.05℃ (35~38.5℃)

±0.1℃ (33~34.99℃, 38.51~43℃ )

Temperature Display: 4 digital display

Storage condition: -25~55℃, 95% RH

Battery work time: 1000 hours

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